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Commercial Pesticide Applicator Fall Courses Announced


AMES, Iowa--Commercial pesticide applicators across Iowa will return to the classroom this fall for re-certification, in accordance with the Pesticide Act of Iowa.

Instruction is offered through Iowa State University Extension’s Pest Management and the Environment Program (PME), which makes the continuing instructional courses (CIC) available. More than 90 sites will be available for CIC this fall.

Scheduled courses include:
Roadside, Forest and Aquatic Pest Management, Oct. 1
Categories 2 (Forest Pest Control); 5 (Aquatic Pest Control); 6 (Right-of-Way Pest Control) and 10 (Demonstration and Research).
Mosquito/Public Health Pest Management, Oct. 23
Categories 7D (Community Insect Management); 8 (Public Health Pest Control) and 10.
Ornamental and Turfgrass Applicators, Nov. 12
Categories 2 (Forest Pest Control), 3O (Ornamental Pest), 3T (Turfgrass Pest Control), 3OT (Ornamental and Turf Pest Control) and 10 (Demonstration and Research).
Commercial Ag Weed, Insect and Plant Disease, Nov. 19
Categories 1A (Agricultural Weed Management), 1B (Agricultural Insect Control), 1C (Agricultural Crop Disease Management) and 10 (Demonstration and Research).
Fumigation Course, Dec. 2
Categories 7C (Fumigation) and 10 (Demonstration and Research).
Pest Control Operators, Dec. 3
Categories 7A (General and Household Pest Management), 7B (Termite Control), 8 (Public Health Pest Control) and 10 (Demonstration and Research).

Two courses with dates pending are:
Greenhouse and Ornamental Applicators
Categories 3G (Greenhouse Pest Control, 3O (Ornamental and Turf Pest Control), and 10 (Demonstration and Research); and
Aerial Applicators
Categories 10 (Demonstration and Research) and 11 (Aerial Application).

Employers and applicators receive notification during the summer about the course schedule. Additional information can be accessed at www.extension.iastate.edu/PME. For information about registration, contact your local county extension office.


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