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Harvest, Storage and Transportation for Bio Feedstocks Featured

Stuart Birrell looking at corn stover wagon


AMES, Iowa – Harvest, storage, and transportation systems for “next generation” biomass crops will be key topics at the 2007 Biobased Industry Outlook conference at Iowa State University (ISU) on Nov. 5 and 6.

“Next generation biorefineries will require large amounts of cellulosic biomass which will need to be collected, stored and transported,” reports Jill Euken, chair of the conference planning committee. According to Euken, several sessions at the conference will focus on the latest research and development on these topics. 

Stuart Birrell, Ph.D., associate professor, ISU, and Kevin Shinners, Ph.D. professor, University of Wisconsin, along with Jay and Ty Stukenholtz, inventors of cob harvester system and grass harvester system, and Vernon Flemme, inventor of the Cob Caddy, will speak about the new equipment they have designed to harvest various components of corn stover and other biomass crops. Their prototype machines also will be on display.

Another conference session will feature Tom Richard, Ph.D., associate professor, Pennsylvania State University; Michelle Long, manager, Biofuels and Hydrogen, Chevron; and Shashi Nambisan, Ph.D., director, ISU Center for Transportation Research and Education, who will discuss biomass storage and transportation systems.

Still another session will feature people involved in the demonstration cob collection, storage and transportation system for the POET Biorefinery in Emmetsburg, Iowa.  The POET Emmetsburg plant received an 80 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to pilot and commercialize a cellulosic ethanol system at the Emmetsburg, Iowa plant.

Speakers in this session include: Mark Stowers, vice president, Research and Development, POET; Darrin Ihnen, farmer from Hurley, South Dakota who is harvesting 4,000 acres of cobs on his farm this fall using a variety of collection, storage, and transportation systems; and Craig and Debbie Kassel, farmers and investors in POET Bioenergy Emmetsburg, and also members of the Board of Directors for the plant. These speakers will be describing experiences in this “next generation” bioprocessing venture.

The conference’s primary sponsors are ISU Office of Biorenewables Programs, ISU Plant Sciences Institute, ISU Extension’s Center for Industrial Research and Service, ConocoPhillips and Pioneer/DuPont. The full conference agenda and registration information are available at: www.bioeconomyconference.org.

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Contacts :

Jill Euken, Office of Biorenewables Programs,  (712) 769-2600, jeuken@iastate.edu

Stuart Birrell, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, (515) 294-2874, sbirrell@iastate.edu

There are two photos for this release.

SBirrellWagon.JPG - Stuart Birrell, associate professor, ISU, will speak about the new equipment he has designed to harvest various components of corn stover.

HarvestGrainStover.JPG - Next generation biorefineries will require large amounts of cellulosic biomass, such as corn stover or corn cobs, that  will need to be collected, stored and transported.