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Integrated Crop Management Conference and Agribusiness Expo Set for Nov. 28-29


AMES, Iowa - The Iowa State University Integrated Crop Management Conference and the Agribusiness Association of Iowa (AAI) Agribusiness Expo will be held Nov. 28 and 29 on the Iowa State University (ISU) Campus.

“Combining our annual education conference and the Expo with a common date and location is a great benefit for participants. This allows service providers and retail dealers an opportunity to participate in both events without being away from their business for an extended period of time,” said Gerald Miller, program director, ISU Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension.

“Our AAI members are always looking for new technology, data and innovation from the academic side of our industry. Partnering with the ISU ICM conference in late November provides an excellent venue to start out the new crop year,” said Jose Laracuente, AAI Services chair.

Conference attendees can choose from 42 different workshops that offer the latest information on crop production and protection technology in Iowa and surrounding states. Workshops are offered by ISU faculty and staff and invited speakers from around the Midwest.

The Conference is hosted by ISU Extension, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Departments of Agronomy, Entomology, Plant Pathology and Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.

The Agribusiness Expo presents a comprehensive collection of new and innovative products covering all facets of the agribusiness industry. Over 75 exhibitors will be present for this year’s Expo, held in Hilton Coliseum.

Registration for the 2007 Integrated Crop Management Conference and Agribusiness Expo is now open. To register online for this event or for more information, visit the Agribusiness Education Program Web site at http://www.aep.iastate.edu.
Companies interested in exhibiting at the Agribusiness Expo should contact Joan O’Brien, at (515) 262-8323, or via e-mail at joano@agribiz.org.


Contacts :
Brent Pringnitz, Agribusiness Education Program, (515) 294-6429,  bpring@iastate.edu 

Joan O’Brien, Agribusiness Association of Iowa, (515) 262-8323, joano@agribiz.org 

Jean McGuire, Extension Communications and Marketing, (515) 294-7033, jmcguire@iastate.edu