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4-H Shooting Sports Brings Rare Feat of Skill

Youth stands beside target with arrows


AMES, Iowa -- Young Jacob Vsetecka stepped to the line, drew back his compound bow and shot his arrow straight into the target’s center. Then, Robin Hood style, he three-stacked succeeding arrows, sending a ripple of “wows” through the crowd at the 4-H Safety and Education in Shooting Sports (SESS) state match at the Keokuk County Izaak Walton League near Sigourney on June 9.

SESS is offered through Iowa State University Extension 4-H Youth Development. Certified volunteers lead shooting programs in more than half of Iowa’s counties. Leaders are certified in one of four disciplines — rifle, shotgun, archery or muzzle loading. The program purpose is to help youth become more disciplined and thoughtful before they act, more responsible and step up to leadership.

Jacob, the 11-year-old son of Dave and Robin Vsetecka of Chickasaw County, broke into a big grin after a moment of disbelief at his three shots.

“I knew what a Robin Hood was, but I was sure surprised,” Jacob said. He has been attending the Chickasaw County Shooting Sports club meetings once a month and is a first-year 4-H member of the Utica Lucky 4’s 4-H club.

An avid bow fan, Jacob has had a bow since he was four years old, but has had his compound bow for under a year, according to his mother Robin Vsetecka.

He didn’t win his match, but secured a strong second in the junior division of the compound bow discipline with his rare feat of skill. Other standings in the competition include: 

Air rifle
First: Brandi Cooper, Worth County (250)
Second: Aaron Hill, Worth County (234)
Third: Nathan Cox, Pottawattamie County (206)
Fourth: Alex Kaufman, Pottawattamie County (200)

First: Tyler Laubenthal, Kossuth County (202)
Second: Ashly Mitchell, Madison County (201)
Third: Katey Havens, Adair County (147)
Fourth: Steven Clubb, Keokuk County (144)

First: Brett Laubenthal, Kossuth County (199)
Second: Kyle Hanson, Pottawattamie County (152) 
Third: Adam Poeppe, Kossuth County (138)
Fourth: Caleb Hill, Worth County (130)

Archery – compound
First: Zach McCarthy, Montgomery County (385)
Second: Bryant Luers, Keokuk County (375)
Third: Aaron Meiners, Keokuk County (355)
Fourth: Andrea Henchal, Poweshiek County (342) 

First: Brian Blakewell, Chickasaw County (284)
Second: Dan Waechter, Keokuk County (277)
Third: Tyler Denny, Keokuk County (274)
Fourth: Ryan Adam, Keokuk County (272)

First: Cody Schwarck, Poweshiek County (194)
Second: Jacob Vsetecka, Chickasaw County (190)
Third: Ason Santosus, Poweshiek County (182)
Fourth: Wyatt Hensley, Adair County (178)

Archery – recurve
First: Kale Hoadley, Adair County (76)
Second: Zach McCarthy, Montgomery County (50) 

First: Katey Havens, Adair County (46)

First: Jerome Farrier, Washington County (127)

First: Ryan Weber, Keokuk County (83)

First: Peyton Strupp, Keokuk (91)
Second: Isaac Hill, Worth (90)
Third: Tyler Denny, Keokuk (89)

First: Ryan Mueller, Worth County (46) 
Second: Bryant Luers, Keokuk County (45) 
Third: Brad Heinrich, Grundy County (45) 
Fourth: Brett Lage, Grundy County (45) 

First: Nick Arthur, Poweshiek County (44) 
Second: Mitchell Phillips, Chickasaw County (41) 
Third: Brian Blakewell, Chickasaw County (32) 
Fourth: Adam King, Worth County (29) 

First: Aaron Hill, Worth County (260) 
Second: Nick Hanson, Pottawattamie County (234) 
Third: Brandi Cooper, Worth County (219) 
Fourth: Brittney Tremmel, Keokuk County (201) 

First: Eric Osborn, Poweshiek County (159) 
Second: Marshall Lynch, Madison County (134) 
Third: Grant West, Webster County (114) 
Fourth: Kara Phillips, Webster County (107) 

First: Caleb Hill, Worth (124) 
Second: Jason Hiebner, Pottawattamie County (121) 
Third: Emily Selander, Pottawattamie County (114) 
Fourth: Kelby Paus, Allamakee County (85) 

Communication and Exhibits
(Exhibits – Senior)
First: Joe Walleser, Allamakee County (lamp)
Second: Jacob Estebo, Allamakee County (gun rack)

(Exhibits – Intermediate)
First: Trevor Kalahar, Webster County (shell mirror)
Second: Kara Phillips, Webster County (hunting bag)

Extemporaneous Speech
First: Jessie Phillips, Webster County

Educational Presentation
Daniel Waechter and Steven Clubb, Keokuk County


Contacts :
Gary Bickmeier, ISU Extension, Keokuk County, (641) 622-2680, gary@iastate.edu
Carol Ouverson, Extension Communications and Marketing, (515) 294-9640, couverso@iastate.edu
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