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ISU Extension Iowa Land Use Planning Notebook is New and Improved

Iowa Land Use Planning Notebook


AMES, Iowa -- A key resource for Iowa planners, zoning administrators and local officials has a new look and new content.

The Iowa Land Use Planning Notebook, published by Iowa State University Extension for nearly 30 years, was re-released this spring after being completely updated and reformatted by Gary Taylor, ISU assistant professor and extension specialist in community and regional planning.

“It’s basically a complete new rewrite of the notebook,” said Taylor. The previous version was a compilation of separate extension land use, planning, and zoning publications. In contrast, Taylor said, “This one is an integrated piece, with the chapters fitting together like a book.”

The Iowa Land Use Planning Notebook is written for anyone involved in the land use planning and development process. This comprehensive guide includes the following chapters:

1. Roles and Responsibilities in Planning and Zoning
2. The Comprehensive Plan
3. The Zoning Ordinance and Common Zoning Procedures
4. Subdivision Regulations
5. Open Meetings and Meeting Management
6. Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Considerations
7. Iowa Planning and Zoning Legislation
8. Common Planning and Zoning Terminology

In addition, the Iowa Land Use Planning Notebook includes more details about the different processes involved in administering zoning, Taylor noted. Ethics, conflicts of interest and conducting a public meeting are a few new topics covered in the latest edition of the notebook, and more complex zoning issues and practices are addressed.

This publication (PDO 3, March 2007) can be purchased for $40 from ISU Extension at www.extension.iastate.edu/store/ or ordered through county extension offices. Chapter 5, which is still under revision, will be mailed to purchasers of this publication when it is available.


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Del Marks, Extension Communications and Marketing, (515) 294-9807, delmarks@iastate.edu