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Conference to Explore Iowa Water and the Growing Bioeconomy


AMES, Iowa -- The emerging bioenergy industry in Iowa will impact local and regional water resources. Significant changes in agricultural systems, management practices and water demands to satisfy the growing bioenergy industry have the potential to both positively and negatively affect surface and ground water.


Those interested in these issues are invited to the 2007 Iowa Water Conference “Water and Bioenergy” on March 6 at the Scheman Building on the Iowa State University campus.


The speakers and participants will discuss how the biofuel industry will affect sustainability of Iowa’s water resources and how water resources will affect the sustainability of the biofuel industry.


"The emerging bioenergy industry could very favorably affect water resources and economics concurrently, or it could have very negative impacts for the state and region,” said Rick Cruse, director, Iowa Water Center. “Our wisdom in developing this industry, particularly that associated with the lignocellulosic conversion technology, will be critical for determining which outcome will likely prevail.”


The Iowa Water Center will summarize input gathered from the conference working groups and develop recommendations that address water resource opportunities and challenges related to the growing biofuel industry. These recommendations will be provided to industry leaders, researchers and other key stakeholders.


Registration is $50 for those registering on or before Feb. 28. Starting March 1 the registration fee increases to $65. Walk-in registrations are accepted the day of the conference. Online registration is available (www.aep.iastate.edu).


College students are encouraged to attend and are eligible for reduced rate registration. Students should contact Kelly Poole, (515) 294-7467 or iowawatercenter@iastate.edu by March 1 for more information.


The conference is sponsored by the Iowa Water Center with support from Iowa State University Extension, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.


The Iowa Water Center encourages and promotes interdisciplinary, inter-institutional water research that can improve Iowa’s water quality and provide adequate water supplies to meet both current and future needs of the state. The Center works closely with the three universities that are governed by the State of Iowa Board of Regents, U.S. Geological Survey, Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. For more information visit the Iowa Water Center (www.water.iastate.edu).




Contacts :

Rick Cruse, Iowa Water Center, rmc@iastate.edu, (515) 294-7850

Brent Pringnitz, Agribusiness Education Program, bpring@iastate.edu, (515) 294-9487

Jean McGuire, Extension Communications and Marketing, (515) 294-7033, jmcguire@iastate.edu