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The Extension Connection: Summer 2007

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It’s time for action in Horizons communities
The Horizons program, directed by Iowa State University Extension, is creating aspirations for community prosperity in rural Iowa towns. Residents of the 23 Horizons communities tell of change beginning to permeate their towns.

Iowans learn to ‘Invest Wisely’
Iowa State University Extension is working with Iowa Public Radio and the Iowa Securities Division to publicize trustworthy, unbiased information on making wise investment decisions.

Iowa MarketMaker locates Iowa-grown produce
Iowa State University Extension is helping growers sell their produce in Iowa and across state borders into additional markets with the Iowa MarketMaker Web site.

New York youth experience Iowa life
When 25 kids of Latino and African American heritage from inner city New York wanted to experience rural culture, they chose Iowa. Iowa State University Extension became their host, helping them learn about and experience Iowa life firsthand.

It’s all about parts -- and increasing competitiveness of Iowa manufacturers
Thanks to Iowa State University Extension’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS), suppliers of parts for some of Iowa’s major industries are getting a boost in their global competitiveness.

Throw open the door of hospitality with universal design
Iowa State University Extension helps citizens understand why universal design makes a home better. The design features, like a no-step entrance, accommodate the changing needs of individuals throughout their life span.

No horse? No problem in 4-H Horseless Horse project
Many kids who are hooked on horses just don’t have the opportunity to ride, let alone own a horse. Iowa State University Extension 4-H Youth Development fills this void with the Horseless Horse project.

Simulated rain shows farmers real conservation solutions
A rainfall simulator gives farmers a “visual opportunity” to see what they can do to prevent sediment runoff from their fields. Iowa State University Extension is a partner in this project that demonstrates and promotes conservation management systems.

Design for the urban frontier
Iowa State University Extension is taking design to the urban frontier — with two new outreach centers for urban design, one in downtown Perry and the other in downtown Sioux City. The projects bring together Iowa State College of Design student outreach and ISU Extension Community and Economic Development programming.

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