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Area Resident Takes Part In the Municipal Clerks Academy


___(Name)___, ___(Town)___, attended the Municipal Clerks Academy recently at Iowa State University. The three-day Academy was conducted by ISU Extension’s Office of State and Local Government Programs July 25-27 in Ames.

Advanced topics offered in this session included staying sane at work and connected at home, electronic record keeping, emergency management procedures, project management, establishing a bond rating, tracking tax abatement, payroll and benefits procedures, preparing for the 2010 census, post-employment benefits and building an effective relationship between state and local government.

The program is sponsored by the Office of State and Local Government Programs in conjunction with the Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association. Instructors include ISU faculty, extension staff, state agency officials, consultants, attorneys, staff from the Iowa League of Cities and city clerks. By attending the academy, participants increase their knowledge and skills to better serve the citizens of their communities and they get credit toward maintaining their professional certifications, according to Paul Coates, director of the Academy and the Office of State and Local Government Programs.


Participants in the July training included the following:

Ames: Diane Voss
Arlington: Virginia Mitchell
Athon: Ruth Groth
Atkins: Dick Lange
Badger: Nadine Odor
Belle Plaine: Kaye Buch
Blue Grass: Ann Schmidt
Brighton: Linda Burger
Britt: Jeanie Purvis
Burt: Vickie Madsen
Carroll: Laura Schaefer
Carson: Brianne Duede
Center Point: Christy Dyer
Central City: LaNeil McFadden
Chariton: Ruth Ryan
Clarence: Deb Minar
Clarion: Vicky Boyington, Rochelle Pohlman and Darcell Robb
Clermont: Jenean Niedert
Coburg: Nadine Redd
Colfax: Kathy Mathews
Coralville: Thor Johnson
Correctionville: Barbara Joy
Denison: Marcia Bretey
DeWitt: Deanna Rodriguez
Duncombe: Peg Royster
Edgewood: Cindy Vorwald
Eldora: Joyce Lawler
Elk Run Heights: Kristi Lundy
Emerson: Michelle Faxon
Evansdale: Teresa Wheeler
Essex: Lisa BoyerDexter and Denise Miller
Fenton: Susan Potratz
Galva: Anita Brandt
Goldfield: Sandra Schipull
Grand River: Doris Loy
Granger: Doris Loy and Anita Ridlen
Grinnell: Sheila Diehm
Harpers Ferry: Leah Benzing
Hazleton: Lynne Crandall
Hiawatha: Kim Downs and Cindy Kudrna
Holstein: Marlo Schoer
Hopkinton: Diane Nordmann
Hubbard: Cheryl A. Pickering
Hudson: Sue Theisen
Humboldt: Gloria Christensen
Huxley: Lee Ruddick
Jesup: Linda Bunnell
Jewell: Karen Culpepper
Kamrar: Lori Isvik
Kensett: Lori McNally
Knoxville: Jody Meyer
Lakeside: Jackie Stief
Lawton: Patricia Washburn
LeGrand: Cheryl R. Culver
Lehigh: Anita Walsrom
Lime Springs: Larry Gates
Lisbon: Tawnia Kakacek
Lost Nation: Janet Burke
Malcom: Kim Kolars
Manly: Amy Yecek
Marcus: Beverly Aesch
Marengo: Barb Barrick
Marshalltown: Shari Coughenour
Maxwell: Melissa Johannes
Mechanicsville: Linda Coppess
Mediapolis: Julie Tribbgey
Minburn: Richard Buscher
Missouri Valley: Rita Miller
Monroe: Kim Thomas
Morning Sun: Holly Fletcher
Norwalk: Jennifer Sease
Ottumwa: Ann Cullinan
Patterson: Doris Loy
Perry: Jeanette Peddicord
Pleasant Hill: Joni Haag
Redfield: Deb Light
Rembrandt: Valita Evers
Salem: Sheila Carr
Sergeant Bluff: Candice Litras
Sheldon: Arlene Budden
Shellsburg: Nancy DeKlotz
Sherrill: Rhomda Mueller
Spencer: Janee Boever and Theresa Reardon
Storm Lake: Jane Hill
Urbana: Joleen Trent
Vail: Kathy Ruch
Van Horne: Linda Klopping
Van Meter: Sondra Sittner
Vincent: Michel Fransen
Wadena: Gloria Aylsworth
Walford: Janet Gann
Wapello: Celia Drayfahl
Waverly: Jo-Ellen Raap
West Burlington: Kelly Fry and Leslie Sattler
West Des Moines: Fern Stewart
Wilton: Janet Boorn
Woodbine: Bob Sullivan
Woodward: Christina Perkins
Worthington: Mary Habel
Wyoming: Sheri Tjaden

Contacts :
Paul Coates, Community and Regional Planning, (515) 294-1844, paulc@iastate.edu Del Marks, Extension Communications and Marketing, (515) 294-9807, delmarks@iastate.edu