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Conservation Reserve Program Seminar Offered June 15


AMES, Iowa -- To assist with Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contract considerations, an educational seminar is planned for Thursday, June 15, at 7 p.m. in the Iowa Farm Bureau Auditorium located at 5400 University Avenue in West Des Moines.

The seminar is being offered by ISU Extension, the Iowa Learning Farm and the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. The program will provide an overview of issues regarding CRP contract expirations followed by breakout discussion groups targeting specific CRP contract decisions. A packet of CRP related information will be distributed at the seminar. The pubic is invited to attend this program and there are no fees or advance registration.


The target audience is off-farm landowners and agribusiness professionals interested in CRP issues, specifically regarding contracts that expire in 2008 through 2010. Those contract holders received a letter from their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office in April and have until June 30, 2006, to make a decision. In order for these contracts to be extended or re-enrolled for the contact length offered, the participant contract holder must complete form FSA-409 at his or her local FSA Office. In addition, the participant must provide a payment to USDA of $45 per tract of land representing that CRP Contract, plus $1 per contract acre. A compliance check by USDA will then follow in the future.


Iowa has more than a million acres of CRP in general contracts that will expire between September 2006 and September 2009. Nearly half of those contracts expire in September 2007.


Participants with contracts expiring at that time were notified by FSA last winter that they had until April 2006 to accept the opportunity to extend or re-enroll for the contact length offered and subject to a compliance check.


The decision to extend, reenroll or to allow the contract to expire requires action on the part of the landowner, initially this summer. Several CRP demonstration and research activities are taking place across Iowa and will be highlighted at the June 15 seminar.


For questions regarding the seminar, please contact the ISU Extension Polk County Office at (515) 261-4230. If you have questions regarding a specific CRP contract, please contact your local USDA Farm Service Agency Office. 


Contacts :

Mark Licht, Agronomy, (515) 294-8039, lichtma@iastate.edu

Michael Duffy, Economics, (515) 294-6160, mduffy@iastate.edu

Steven Johnson, Field Specialist, (515) 261-4215, sdjohns@iastate.edu

Jean McGuire, Extension Communication and Marketing, (515) 294-7033, jmcguire@iastate.edu