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Feedlot Open House Draws Producers to Carroll

Display at Carroll Feedlot Meeting


CARROLL, Iowa  – A recent open house for in the Carroll County area attracted not only cattle producers, but legislators as well. The meeting, held March 3 at the National Guard Armory in Carroll, was designed to bring all the resources that can help producers evaluate their current operation and identify ways to improve feedlots.


The open house featured a variety of subjects and issues, from planning an open feedlot to funding improvements and maintenance tips. Producers were able to get answers to their questions, pick up ideas from other producers and learn about resources available to help them make changes to their current operation.


After a short opening session, producers could rotate through any of eight different stations designed to answer their questions about stewardship, management and technical issues. Topics included site planning, technical advice and resources, feedlot design, operation and maintenance, funding and financing sources, producer success stories, expectations, the economic benefit of manure and monitoring results/data.


“I was very impressed with the format of the open house and the variety of agencies represented,” says Iowa House Representative Rod Roberts. “Producers need current and consistent information and resources, and today’s open house was a great opportunity for face-to-face contact with those resources.”


Roberts says that the open house was timely with current legislation coming to the House. A public hearing is planned for March 13 concerning a bill dealing with consistent, reliable information coming from regulatory agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources. 


“It was great to see so many producers at the open house,” says Roberts. “I was very positive on what I saw, and I believe we need more events like this throughout the state.”


The meeting was sponsored by the Dedham Cooperative, in conjunction with the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa State Extension, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


More information on the topics is available on the DNR Web site at www.iowadnr.com.  



Contacts :

John Lawrence, Economics, (515) 294-6290, jdlaw@iastate.edu

Evan Vermeer, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, (515) 296-2266, evan@iabeef.org


Dan Stipe, Atlantic DNR Field Office, (515) 243-1934

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