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The Extension Connection Newsletter: Spring 2006

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Economic Development Goes beyond Local Boundaries

In the six counties just north of Sioux City and west of the Iowa Great Lakes, local leaders are getting acquainted with each other and with regional economic development.


New ISU Extension Leader Tours Iowa

Jack Payne, Iowa State University’s new vice provost for extension and outreach, is touring the state to find out what Iowans expect from ISU Extension.


Consumers Learn How to Protect Personal Information

ISU Extension began providing education on protecting consumer privacy more than a decade ago with information about Social Security number use. Today ISU Extension information includes facts about credit card numbers, health privacy and more.


New World Research Merges with Old World Living

Amish and Mennonite farmers were running into horticultural problems with disease, pest management and marketing of their high value crops. ISU Extension is providing education and assistance to help them adapt modern technology to their Old Order style of living.


Annie’s Project Spreads through Iowa

With the help of ISU Extension and a grant from the North Central Risk Management Education Center, Annie’s Project has been brought to Iowa. The project empowers farmwomen to be better business partners.


Extension Helps Schools Develop Wellness Policies

Local school districts across the country have until June 30, 2006, to establish school wellness policies that will be put into effect for the 2006-2007 school year. With guidance from ISU Extension, many Iowa school districts are well on their way to meeting the federal mandate with a completed wellness policy.


Foods Business Gains Expertise and Resources

Medium-size operations like Mary Ann’s Specialty Foods Inc. have neither the time nor the on-site expertise to explore options for dealing with all of the issues facing a food-processing business. But they can get help from ISU Extension’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS).


4-H Tech Team Serves Iowa Communities

As the only sister and brother pair on ISU Extension’s 4-H Tech Team, Amy and Kevin Peyton keep up with each other, as well as technology. They’re part of a group of Iowa teens who are dedicated to computers and community service.


Youth Programs Enriched by Blending Cultures

Not all 4-H after-school programs are offered in the school lunchroom — this is evident as ISU Extension reaches out to Hispanic youth.





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