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Cattle Evaluation Program Offered


CHARITON, Iowa -- Once again producers in south-central Iowa can place some or all of their cattle on feed in the Midcrest Area Cattle Evaluation Program (MACEP). Participants can enter one or more steers and/or heifers from their herd to be fed at the Chris Petty feedlot south of Leon, Iowa. Delivery is set for Oct. 10. All cattle entered are expected to have vaccinations completed by Sept. 12 and be weaned no later than Sept. 19 to participate.

Last year the cattle fed in the program averaged $181.48 added value for steers fed and $184.09 added value for heifers, above expected feeder cattle prices and feeding costs incurred. The average total cost of gain was $47.67 per hundred for steers and $47.41 for heifers. Participants received individual performance and carcass reports on cattle entered in the program.

Producers can learn more about their herd genetics and management programs by participating in the MACEP program.  Cattle are marketed on a value-based grid program, and individual carcass traits are measured. The costs of the program include the feed and yardage at the Petty feedyard, interest for the feed fed during the feeding period, and the costs of carcass data collection and data processing. Producers pay a $20 per head fee at the start of the test, with all other charges deducted at the end of the program after cattle are marketed.

For more information contact Joe Sellers (sellers@iastate.edu) at (641) 774-2016 or (641) 203-1270, or call Jack Van Laar (jvanlaar@iastate.edu) at (641) 446-4723.


Contacts :

Joe Sellers, Field Specialist, (641) 774-2016, sellers@iastate.edu

Jack Van Laar, County Extension Director, (641) 446-4723, jvanlaar@iastate.edu

Jean McGuire, Continuing Education and Communication Services, (515) 294-7033, jmcguire@iastate.edu