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Speakers scheduled for Iowa 4-H Conference


AMES, Iowa -- The 2005 Iowa 4-H Conference will feature several young motivational speakers from across the United States.


Josh Shipp, Justin Lookadoo and a team of youth from R productions will speak to teens about common issues teens face.


"These speakers were chosen by the Iowa 4-H Council because they are exciting and they connect to the goals and theme of the conference," Brenda Allen, Iowa State University Extension 4-H program specialist, said. 


The theme of this year's conference is Get in the Groove.  Youth will be encouraged to find their leadership groove through workshops, community service, speakers and other fun activities.


Shipp will share his personal story of triumph over adversity to inspire youth to live life to the fullest, no matter what obstacles they may face.  Although he was abandoned and abused as a child, he went on to become a successful speaker and author.


Lookadoo will be using his 12 years of experience as a professional speaker and six years of experience as a probation officer in Texas to encourage conference participants to set a positive example as leaders.


A team of youth and the director of R5 Productions will talk about real issues that affect youth every day.  The R5 Production presentation was developed by students for students.


Mike Donahue, the director of R5 Productions, will speak to conference participants about drug and alcohol choices, the power of making good decisions and bullying issues. 


"I hope that after youth see our presentation they aren't so quick to judge people," Donahue said. 


Teens who have made bad decisions regarding drugs and alcohol and changed their lives will discuss their own life experiences along with teens who have resisted peer pressure and made good decisions regarding drugs and alcohol. 


"I hope youth are motivated to take advantage of their own skills and potential and make a positive impact on their community," Allen said.  "I also hope youth see reasons to make positive choices in their lifestyles which will give them an advantage."



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Carol Ouverson, Continuing Education and Communication Services, (515) 294-9640, couverso@iastate.edu

Brenda Allen, Youth and 4-H, (515) 294-1567, bsallen@iastate.edu