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EPA Extends Deadline for Air Quality Compliance Signup

Note to media editors: This release tells about the newly extended deadline (to July 29, 2005) for livestock producers to sign up to participate in the air quality compliance agreement.


AMES, Iowa -- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has extended the signup deadline for the Animal Feeding Operation Air Compliance Agreement to July 29, 2005. This is the second time the agency has extended the deadline. EPA says this newly extended date will provide more time for operators of animal feeding facilities to make informed decisions on whether to participate.


In addition, EPA has posted its response to public comments submitted on the agreement during the public comment period that was extended once, through May 2, 2005. More than 650 separate sets of comments were received, and the response is categorized by a number of common concerns.


Iowa Pork Industry Center director John Mabry says producers need to understand their options under this agreement. He urges producers and others who are considering whether to sign the compliance agreement to learn as much as possible about their obligations and responsibilities should they choose to take part.


“We encourage people to read the EPA’s public comment response section, and watch the Web cast of the satellite program we cosponsored with Iowa Pork Producers Association on this topic in March,” he said. “If you have questions, contact us or IPPA and we’ll try to find people who can help provide answers.”


The satellite program Web cast can be viewed through this link www.extension.iastate.edu/webcast/archive.htm


Links to a variety of Web sites and information are on the IPIPC Web site at this URL www.ipic.iastate.edu/events/EPA/EPAinfo.html


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