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New Online Video Answers Questions on Wine, Grape Production


AMES, Iowa – New videos on the wine industry are now online at the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) Web site to help producers answer frequently asked questions on establishing a winery or vineyard on their operation.


Iowa has seen a rebirth in its wine industry, according to experts at Iowa State University Extension.  “In July of 2001, Iowa had 13 wineries,” said Craig Tordsen, value-added agriculture specialist. “We currently have 53 wineries within the state. The growth has been tremendous.”


“The renewed interest in wineries in the state of Iowa has also prompted interest in vineyards and wineries from other producers,” he added. “This new video gives those researching the industry a better understanding of what is involved and what they can expect.”


The Total Wine Package Frequently Asked Questions, examines some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the wine industry. The video is available at multiple download speeds to accommodate all user connections. The video is located at http://www.agmrc.org/agmrc/commodity/fruits/wine/wineryfeasibility.htm.


Information is key to planning a new business and most people start by talking to others in the industry,” said Tordsen. Funding for this project was provided by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, which has funded multiple projects to help re-develop Iowa’s grape and wine industry. Additional funds were provided by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center and Iowa State University Extension Value Added Agriculture Program.


For more information, visit AgMRC online at www.agmrc.org or phone at (866) 277-5567 or visit the ISU viticulture Web page at http://viticulture.hort.iastate.edu/.



Contacts :

Craig Tordsen, ISU Extension value-added agriculture, (515) 294-1938, ctordsen@iastate.edu

Richard Pirog, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, (515) 294-1854, rspirog@iastate.edu

Christa Hartsook, communications specialist, AgMRC, (515) 294-4430, hartc@iastate.edu