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Norther Leopard Frog by Mark Müller
Norther Leopard Frog by Mark Müller
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Iowa NatureMapping is currently funded by participant training fees and by the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University.

Iowa NatureMapping is an Extension Wildlife program within the Iowa State University Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management and is coordinated jointly with the Iowa Master Conservationist Program.

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Iowa State University

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As of February, 2007 there are 1601 monitoring locations established for Iowa NatureMapping - Click here to see an image of these sites

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Iowa NatureMapping Update

The Iowa NatureMapping Program is currently undergoing a period of transition, and, exciting new changes are coming!

In July 2008, the program's coordinator, Jason O'Brien, assumed interim duties as Iowa State University Extension's Wildlife Specialist and director of the Iowa NatureMapping Program. An interim NatureMapping Program Coordinator, Jaymi LeBrun, was then hired.

Beginning in May 2009, Mr. O'Brien will assume duties as Program Coordinator for Oregon State University Extension's Master Naturalist Program. During the summer, 2009, Ms. LeBrun will step down. At that time, the program will fall under the direction of a new Extension Wildlife Specialist, yet to be hired.

During this transition, the program will continue to operate as a means of entering and retrieving volunteer NatureMappers' data. Continued trainings, however, will be on hold.

An exciting new online data entry and retrieval system will soon be available. Check back often for this latest addition to the program.

Questions about this transition can be directed to Dr. Jim Pease, Emeritus Professor and former NatureMapping Director at


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For more information on the Iowa
NatureMapping Program, please contact:

Jaymi LeBrun
Iowa NatureMapping Program Coordinator

Department of Natural Resource
Ecology and Management
339 Science II
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-3221
Phone: 515-294-6440
FAX: 515/294-2995