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NatureMapping Program

The National NatureMapping Program

Iowa NatureMapping is a partner program with other statewide NatureMapping Programs. Combined, we make up the National NatureMapping Program. Click on the icons below to learn about the other NatureMapping Programs.


Iowa NatureMapping

Iowa NatureMapping: Finding All the Pieces to Keep Common Species Common



Washington NatureMapping






Wisconsin NatureMapping Wisconsin NatureMapping


Idaho NatureMapping Idaho NatureMapping


Each state NatureMapping Program is affiliated with the NatureMapping Foundation.

The NatureMapping Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization sponsored by natural resource agencies, businesses, educators, and individuals. The NatureMapping Foundation was formed officially in 2004 to provide support to the National NatureMapping Program by marketing and disseminating NatureMapping products; coordinating training workshops for the public, and fundraising for NatureMapping citizen science projects on a state and national scale. The University of Washington developed a license agreement with the original authors from the states of Washington, Virginia, and Iowa to provide exclusive rights to distribute NatureMapping products.