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NatureMapping Program

Step 3: Picking a Site

Mixing Other Activities with NatureMapping


Some of us just want to keep track of the wildlife in our backyards or at a bird feeding station. This is a relatively small area, probably no bigger than one football field (1-hectare) in size. Others may want to keep track of wildlife in a larger area, perhaps an entire city, county, state, or federal park. This may be a relatively large area, perhaps several hundred acres. Birders (birdwatchers) are among those in this group. You may even want to record wildlife while you are walking, hiking, biking, crosscountry skiing, or canoeing. These activities are done along linear routes, which potentially cover great distances, and don't generally have established boundaries like a county park would. If you canoe, for example, keeping track of where you start and finish is very important in terms of wildlife monitoring.