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NatureMapping Program


Iowa NatureMapping Update - January 3, 2011 - THE SERVER IS FINALLY BACK UP!  Please contact Rebecca directly ( if you experience any problems in entering or viewing your data.

GrassThe Iowa NatureMapping Program has undergone a period of transition, and, exciting new changes are coming!

In July 2008, the program's coordinator, Jason O'Brien, assumed interim duties as Iowa State University Extension's Wildlife Specialist and director of the Iowa NatureMapping Program. An interim NatureMapping Program Coordinator, Jaymi LeBrun, was then hired.

Beginning in May 2009, Mr. O'Brien assumed duties as Program Coordinator for Oregon State University Extension's Master Naturalist Program. During the summer, 2009, Ms. LeBrun stepped down. In October 2009, the new Extension Wildlife Specialist, Dr. Rebecca Christoffel, came on board and has assumed coordination of Iowa NatureMapping.   

Continued trainings are on hold while Dr. Christoffel becomes more familiar with Iowa NatureMapping and the various partners involved.

An exciting new online data entry and retrieval system has just been launched. Please use the new system if you have data to enter or to retrieve data and let Rebecca know if you experience any problems.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Iowa NatureMapping, please contact Dr. Rebecca Christoffel at (515) 294-7429 or by email at

Thank you for your interest and participation in Iowa NatureMapping!

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