Formal 4-H Records

The forms listed on this page are part of the Muscatine County 4-H record keeping system and are available for 4-H'ers to complete their 4-H record books.  There are two sections - one for first year members and another for those who have their records set up and only need to add updated information.

If you have any questions about any of these forms, be sure to talk to your club leader or contact the Muscatine County Extension Office for assistance.

First Year Members  - print out a copy of each information piece to set up your records.

Table of Contents (April 2009) - The Table of Contents is the first page in your record book.  Use it to organize the rest of your record keeping system.

Record Keeping Guidelines (January 2009)- Why do 4-H'ers keep records?  This piece will help answer those questions and also lists the different record keeping options available to 4-H'ers. 

Program Guidelines, Muscatine County 4-H Community Club Program - 2007 - Every organization has some guidelines for its members to follow.  These are the guidelines for the Muscatine County 4-H program.  Be sure to read them so that you can remain a member in good standing.

Iowa Youth & 4-H Enrollment Guidelines- Just like the title says, there are guidelines from the State 4-H Office on what does it mean to be a 4-H'er and the expectations of club members, leaders, and 4-H clubs or groups.

Iowa 4-H Animal and Poultry Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements for County, State and Interstate Shows - If you enrolled in an animal project area, you will want to read this piece to find out about how to properly identify that animal as your 4-H project.

All 4-H Members - All 4-H'ers (including first year members) use these forms to update your records each year.

4-H Yearly Summary- Here you can keep track of all your 4-H activities onto one form.

Project Forms - Choose either form.  complete one form for each project area you are enrolled in.  Both forms can be downloaded and completed by computer.

Experienced Project Form - One page front and back.

Advanced Project Form - Asks for the same information as the Experienced Project Form, but has more room to write. 

Livestock Records and Feed Reports - Fill these out if you had any animal project areas.

Member/Leader Conference Guidelines (April 2009) - When you give your 4-H record book to your leader for evaluation, this is the form your leader will use to write their comments on.  Print one out and include it with your records.

Muscatine County 4-H Project Recognition Checklist - You will use this piece to briefly keep track of what you have done in each of your project areas.  When you have completed the criteria to reach the Purple Seal, you will be recognized at the County Recognition Program in November.  You will need one of these forms for each project area and update it each year you are enrolled in that project.

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