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Livestock Fair Entries Due to Your Club Leader June 15


Now that you have identified which animals will be your 4-H project, you need to decide which of those animals you are bringing to the fair and in what class(es).  Fair entries for livestock are to be made through your leader by June 15.  To make your entries, you will need to complete an Individual Entry Summary, fill out a livestock card for each class you are entering your animals in, and pay your entry fees (checks payable to Muscatine County Fair).  This is also a great time to purchase fair passes.  See your leader for livestock entry information.  Class numbers can be found in the 4-H/FFA fair book, located on our website.


Communication and Clothing Event Entries Due to Extension Office by June 13

Those interested in participating in the Communication and/or Clothing Event activities at the fair must let your leader or the Extension Office know your intentions by June 13.  Communication opportunities include educational presentations, extemporaneous speaking, working exhibits, and Share-the-Fun.  Educational presentations and extemporaneous speaking judging will take place on July 8, beginning at 1:00 pm, at Bickford Cottage, 2807 Cedar Street, Muscatine.  Working exhibits and Share-the-Fun performances will be judged during the fair.  Check the fairbook for more information.

Clothing Event activities include Fashion Revue (4-H'er makes own clothes), Clothing Selection (4-H'er purchases new outfit from a retail store), and The $15 Challenge (4-H'er purchases used clotes from places like yard sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, consignment shops, etc.).  Judging for the Clothing Event will take place on July 8, beginning at 1:00 pm, at Bickford Cottage, 2807 Cedar Street, Muscatine.

For more information on either of these two events, contact the Extension Office or consult the fair book.


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Identification Forms
NOTE:  4-H animals are now identified through 4hOnline.  Login to your records and click on the Animals link at the top to identify your animals.  Animals that are weighed will be entered by 4-H staff and must be verified by the 4-H family.  Paper copies of ID's are accepted, but 4hOnline is the preferred method.


Record Keeping

Recognition - Applications are available in Word format and PDF.

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4-H Horse Project Information
2014 Summer Horse Shows

2014 Summer Horse Show Bill

Dates for the 2014 summer horse shows have been set.  They are June 1, June 22, July 6, and August 3.  All shows are held at the Tom Martin Horse Arena on the Muscatine County Fairgrounds in West Liberty, Iowa.  

Any 4-H and FFA member in grades 4-12, from another county is invited to participate in all shows as long as proof of 4-H/FFA membership is documented.  Documentation could include a membership card, proof of 4-H/FFA records, letter/statement from Extension Office or club/chapter leader, etc.

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