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October 24, 2010

SafeFood© and Leftovers

During this period of economic anxiety, we are all looking at ways to stretch our food dollars. Some great tips and cautions about leftovers can be found in a very useful video at www.iowafoodsafety.org. For instance, if you don’t reheat previously cooked foods to 165 F , there is still risk of bacteria that can make you sick. Use a thermometer to be sure foods are cooked – appearances can be misleading.

October 20, 2010

SafeFood© and the Busy Mom

Check out the video at www.iowafoodsafety.org that gets the craziness of home for the day/unload/make dinner/etc tasks that await working moms. This video clearly shows the costs paid by not being mindful when making dinner for little ones. Watch it and let the movie makers know what you think.