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SafeFood© Salads

It’s summertime and the season for fresh produce – Yea! Like many who love home grown tomatoes, I long during winter for the taste of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Now there have been some incidences of food borne illness from fresh produce, but don’t let that scare you off. I am guilty of snacking on cherry tomatoes and fresh peas right off the vine. But if planning to serve others, particularly young children, pregnant women, those over the age of 60 or on chronic medication, more caution is needed. Just remember the W word – Wash! Wash your hands before harvesting or preparing fresh fruits or vegetables. Wash the food item before eating with cool running water, rub lightly if not a fragile item. Wash any knives or cutting boards used. Fresh produce often doesn’t get cooked, so there is not a kill step for any harmful micro-organisms that are naturally part of the soil, or have been transmitted to the produce. So Wash Up!