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SafeFood© Salute!

Memorial Day – the official start of summer. It is also a day to reflect on those who have passed away; many of whom did so in service for our country. I am thankful to these brave men and women who have protected our way of life here in the USA. Because of them, we can enjoy Memorial Day picnics. It occurred to me that there are many within the military who work diligently every day within the foodservice system to ensure nutritious and safe meals are served to our soldiers. No easy task given war zone conditions. Thanks to you for your efforts. The ISU Food Safety Project works with others in ISU Extension on activities for military families; but we would also like to provide assistance to soldiers and support staff in the field. Please contact me as to how we can help - what types of educational materials or safe food handling resources can help you continue your efforts. We are ready to serve!.