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SafeFood© Grilling

Fire up the grill – it’s summer! Grilling (think of Kenny Chesney singing Chilling) is the thing to do. Every magazine I have scanned lately seems to have a feature on outdoor grilling. And why not – it is easy and really adds a good flavor to the food. But how do you know when meats are done? Looks, taste, feel? Research has shown that even hamburgers without any pink can be at a temperature lower than what is needed to kill E Coli O157:H7 – so really, best way to tell if meat is cooked is to use a thermometer (one that is calibrated!). Thermometers can be a grill guy’s best friend to avoid undercooking (people can get sick) or overcooking (meat doesn’t taste too good). How do you remember the temperatures to cook products? You don’t! Download the new app with end point grill temps FREE from www.iowafoodsafety.org
Use those thermometers folks and grill away!