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SafeFood© for Juno

In April, I wondered aloud about a movie with a SafeFood© theme. When watching the movie Juno, the generation gap of 30 plus years came through loud and clear. I was as perplexed as the the step mother the entire movie wondering “What is this girl thinking?” "Why is she acting this way?" IObviously, there is a generational issue. Is there a generation gap in the way we view food safety? Is there a gender gap? We all know the importance of knowing the audience, or in the retail world, knowing your customer. A mom will probably tell the 3 year old to wash hands so “the will germs go away” rather than say it will remove harmful pathogens. Maybe a problem those of us in academia have is in our delivery – SafeFood© for thought.

Submitted Catherine Strohbehn, PhD, RD, CP-FS November 9, 2009