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SafeFood© for Boomers

Many baby boomers are now over the age of 60. Welcome folks to the “EPIC” population – those most vulnerable to experiencing a foodborne illness! (Note: The E stands for Elderly – which just doesn’t seem right for this active group)
It has hit home as my husband is in the first wave of Boomers, now 61 years of age and I am at the tail end of the Boom. As someone cautious about food storage and handling, vigilant about handwashing and recontamination of hands when exiting restrooms, and emphatic about doing it (coughing and sneezing) into my sleeve, I really get irritated at the cavalier approach taken by many (obviously these are folks who firmly believe in the 5-second rule). So I focus on things I can control - that is about all any of us can do. As more Boomers hit the E category, maybe there will be more widespread adoption of these consumer control actions.
Submitted by Catherine Strohbehn, PhD, RD, CP-FS October 19, 2009