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SafeFood© Handlers

When watching the video of the pizza chain workers putting cheese up their nose and farting on pepperoni, I kept waiting for the “Surprise, You’re on Candid Camera”!

My second thought was “how could they do this?”
My third thought was “where were they raised?”

What would possess this type of behavior?
• Youthful high jinks? No, these folks were past clearly past that stage of their lives.

• Lack of knowledge? Nope, I am pretty sure the basics of food safety would have been covered in training and that someone at some point in these weirdo’s lives, it would have been mentioned not to pass gas on food.

• Disdain for the public? Am not a medical doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but maybe this was the driver for the behavior.

So, what is a consumer who loves pizza to do? DIY (make our own pizzas)? Isolate our selves from others?

What we can to protect ourselves?
Here are some tips:
• Scope out the look of those working at places where you buy food and eat
• Check out the restrooms to be sure there are hand washing supplies
• Watch the behaviors and, if you see something you find offensive
• Speak out – Let the person and the manager know!

submitted Catherine Strohbehn May 8, 2009