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SafeFood© at the Movies

We can all agree that movies are entertaining (usually), and some even sneak in a social message or two. Now, that is Edutainment! For instance, Gone with the Wind provided us with a personal perspective of the Civil War, Rocky inspired us to run up flights of steps, Juno showcased teen pregnancy, and even more recently, the movie Flash of Genius illustrated the concept of intellectual property.

But, how many movies teach us about personal hygiene? How often do you see folks properly washing their hands before eating a snack or sitting at the dinner table, after petting the dog, or using the bathroom? Movies have embraced social messages before – think of the films of yesteryear when ALL the stars smoked, but today - not so much (unless it is the bad guys/gals).

So, what if Brad and Angela; Hannah Montana, and Two and a Half Men demonstrated proper handwashing? Or what if Law and Order or CSI showed a death due to foodborne illness? Would it make a difference? I think so. Hollywood, have your people call
submitted Catherine Strohbehn, PhD, RD, CP-FS April 14, 2009