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SafeFood© Sabotaged – Continued

In the recent blog, I shared a story – one that I hope never happens to anyone else. Based on my experiences with carpenters, plumbers, flooring, and other household home repair type of workers, I doubt that it will. Most of them that I have shared the story with have been appropriately aghast.

But it does raise some questions – such as “what would possess someone to act like that?” And, to me, even worse, was the lack of remorse or sense of any wrong doing. Is it a generational thing? This guy is late 20’ish – so maybe still at stage of rebelling and “animal house” antics. What is scary is that we may have many people working in retail foodservices with the same approach to hygiene – those that might think nothing of licking their fingers as they dish your cream pie.

So – to paraphrase the famous song of Willie Nelson: Mamas (and Daddies), don’t let your boys (and girls) grow up to be slobs!

Submitted by Catherine Strohbehn, PhD, RD, CP-FS (and SafeFood© Advocate) 3-21-09