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SafeFood© Sabotaged

As someone who passionately believes in the SafeFood© mission, imagine my dismay (revulsion, disgust, disbelief, etc., etc., etc.) when my husband told me this story.
He was working at home one day and heard one of the guys laying tile in our basement come up the stairs. He saw this guy standing in front of our opened refrigerator door, chugging milk straight out of the gallon container!


Well, we ended up dismissing the guy, even with the project half completed (but that is another story). We also tossed that gallon of milk. But the real concern is – what else had this guy touched? How much further over the line had he crossed? What is also troubling is this guy didn’t seem to care. When my husband asked him “What the &*$#@ are you doing?”, his response was, “just getting a drink, man”.

So, lesson learned? Don’t assume others practice safe food handling. Monitor when others are in your home and protect yourself as much as you can. Maybe I should put some sort of trap on the refrigerator door or invest in locked containers (a la the Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory”).
Submitted by Catherine Strohbehn, March 11, 2009