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SafeFood© Blog –I Love the Xcelerator® Hand Dryer!

The design of bathrooms in public restrooms (including at retail foodservices) has come a long way from the cracked toilet seat and chipped sink I use to see in my college days. In the old days, one felt lucky to find supplies like running water and soap. Now, many restaurants are discovering that many customers factor in bathroom cleanliness when selecting where to eat. So, management is paying more attention to cleaning schedules and bathroom design to facilitate sanitation.

Some neat things I have seen: the Xcelerator® hand dryer; no-door bathrooms, and automatic flush toilets and water dispensers. The Xcelerator® is turbo-powered hot air dryer that is super fast. You can see your skin move around – it is that powerful. (Warning: older kids love it but little ones may be scared). Having disposable towels is good – especially if I have to use the door handle to get out of the room! That way I don’t re-contaminate my hands if I am not wearing long sleeves. But the towel dispensers that require a wave confuse me – I always seem to be waving the wrong hand! I also like places that don’t use doors – rather a curved entry/exit area is in place. Yes, it takes more space and sometimes there is a collision, but I would bet there is less transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Automation is wonderful (imagine the number of germs residing on toilet handles, or don’t, as there are better things to imagine!). Water faucet handles, especially those with dual controls do present issues when turning off, unless there is a disposable towel available (but then I am wasting water, which raises an environmental concern). I try to use by elbow for single lever faucets, but admit to some clumsiness. In my book, automatic features are the answer for better hand sanitation and conservation of resources.