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Do your part to eliminate midnight sun

We had a day off work today. It was a blizzard. (That's a snow drift outside those doors.)

One of my colleagues went to work anyway. He took photos, explained he could get in only one door and wrote in an email:
Very lonely here, but the lights were on!

Midnight sun, lighting throughout the night, in office buildings does not respect the planet.

One small thing office workers can do
Adopt a policy that whoever is the last one to leave a room or a building should turn off the lights if they’re not motion sensitive. Post reminder signs near doors or light switches.

The U.S. Department of Energy has many tips to help Americans save energy. Check out the office energy checklist .

No one should come in from a blizzard to find a completely lighted building and no one there.


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As much as I personally can control, I do turn off lights and lamps, unplug appliances and switch off power strips. Those in buildings with automated lighting (some bathrooms in our building) don't allow the opportunity to turn off switches and lights. Being cognizant of energy usage at higher organizational levels often is necessary to make major changes.

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