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I tend to trust OR not trust this person

It’s a game. You have photo cards of the people you work with. You need to quickly sort them into those piles or a third one, 'I don’t know this person well enough to know whether I trust him or her.'

This exercise helps determine the credibility of people in your organization.

We are judged every day. Am I credible? Am I believable? Am I someone people (including myself) trust?

Four elements of credibility
Stephen Covey in ‘The Speed of Trust’ lists four key elements of personal credibility.
Two elements deal with character
• integrity
• good intent
Two elements with competence
• credentials
• demonstrated capabilities

Building credibility is a key behavior of leaders
You can work on improving every one of these elements. To test your credibility, go to http://www.speedoftrust.com/. Find Out Who Trusts You is a short survey you take and then you can invite colleagues to take a survey about your credibility.


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