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Forgiving brings peace and lessens health risks

Grudges and negative feelings affect your mind and your body. When you don’t forgive, you’re under stress which drives up blood pressure and wears down the heart says a psychology professor at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He and a Harvard University colleague conducted two studies that were published recently.

Midwesterners take special note
We tend to be more easily offended than people from other parts of the United States. We are called thin-skinned because we tend to care probably too much about what others think of us and can be slow to respond when we’ve been treated with a lack of respect or civility.

The holiday season, the time to make resolutions is a good time to work on being more assertive and more forgiving.

For more on the studies, read the Des Moines Register Dec. 14 article: Grudges are hard on your heart, student contends. Subhead: The negativity will drive up blood pressure, a Luther professor says.


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