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Americans happier with lives than with jobs

56% are happy or totally happy with their lives in general.
35% are happy or totally happy with their jobs.
--American Pulse Survey by BIGresearch in Sept. 2009 (6,976 people interviewed)

It’s Pursuit of Happiness Week, the second week in November
A company’s biggest asset walks out the doors each evening or at the end of each shift. How much do employees contribute if they are neutral about how happy they are with their jobs (36%) or unhappy (13%) or totally unhappy (17%)?

Employee happiness benefits the company
Workers who are happy with their jobs increase production, pass along happiness to customers, are absent from work less, communicate honestly and effectively and are more committed to their company because they feel they are an integral component.

Managers, directors and CEOs should take notice
If more than 60% of the American workforce is not very enthused about going to work each day, shouldn’t someone take notice?

Most people have annual performance reviews. What if employers added an annual performance review by the workers of their work unit and their company? It could be as simple as an online survey with a text box or two to write in comments.

Employee satisfaction surveys would improve communication. They should provide some ideas on how to improve the workplace. Civility in the workplace includes good communication and respecting all people. If a company’s largest asset isn’t happy in the workplace, that’s an opportunity to make changes to benefit both the company and the workers. It could be downright enlightening to hear what the workers think and suggestions they would make.

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