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People out of the communication loop are fearful…particularly in tough times

Foster strong relationships by
showing respect
caring for others
being authentic

Relating to your boss
Be well prepared with notes.
Talk about “getting results.”
Understand and support your boss’ goals.
Ask what information your boss wants, the best way to present it.
Answer questions. Explain processes. You’re knowledgeable about your job.
Admit you don’t understand or are confused. Asking for help shows humility and a desire to learn.
Ask for meetings, for explanations.
Offer suggestions. Offer to help when you see a need.

Working relationships with co-workers
Be friendly and sincere.
Encourage ideas.
Ask shy people to contribute.
Know how to direct the conversation back to the topic.
Take issue with problems and ideas, not the people involved.

We all fear the unknown
Good relationships and communication help reduce stress and improve civility.

This was part of my presentation promoting civility in the workplace at the Iowa State University Extension Office Assistants Development Conference.


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