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Need your ideas: How has the recession changed the workplace and civility in the workplace?

I agreed to talk at an October conference for Iowa State University Extension office assistants. I think the workplace has changed dramatically since I agreed to talk about phone etiquette, use of cell phones and other civility topics.

What are the pressing topics of civility in the workplace this fall?
These are some thoughts to get you in the mood.
1. Are you more or less informed than before the recession?
2. Has trust increased or decreased?
3. Are you required to be more or less accountable about your schedule or what you’ve produced?
4. Can you be creative and innovative?
5. Are we all in this together or is this a time when people promote themselves?
6. Do you feel like you’re on your organization’s critical path? (Staying on the critical path)
7. Do you view your job differently?
8. Has your job changed and do you understand your responsibilities?
9. Is workplace harassment a byproduct of the recession?

I need your ideas for topics about civility in the workplace … fall 2009 pertinent. Please send reactions and suggestions.


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A couple of things I think I'd want to know if I were attending: How do I determine where best to go for information? How do I present "the best face forward" when I'm not always sure what that is?

Also, with staff turnover in the past and most likely in the future, it's still very important to have a common understanding of phone and professional office etiquette, cell phone use, etc. Don't forget the nuts and bolts part of the job because the circumstances and personnel have changed.

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