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What alienates engaged workers?

A Clemson University industrial-organizational psychology professor has some interesting research on engaged workers who invest themselves in superior job performance and those workers’ loyalty to their employer.

The researcher finds barriers for engaged workers’ peak performance may include
• Lack of budget and equipment support
• Access to important information
• Work overload
• Unclear objectives and goals
• Assigned tasks that don’t fit their training

In tough economic times, which of these barriers don’t cost money? That’s where smart companies and organizations should be hard at work. It’s civility in the workplace, respecting workers with good communication including involving them in discussions about working conditions.

The professor concludes companies should not expect to keep the most talented and energetic if they encounter barriers, even in tough times. When these workers find a chance to leave, they will.

For more interesting information, read the Clemson University news release ‘Engaged employees are good, but don’t count on commitment’ at http://www.clemson.edu/newsroom/articles/2009/may/BrittEngagedWorkers.php5.


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