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It’s a tough time for trustworthiness

In uncertain times, it’s difficult to decide which individuals, businesses or organizations you can trust.

TrustedAdvisor Associates, http://trustedadvisor.com/, says you can determine your trust quotient by four factors:
Credibility is about what you say, and how believable it is to others.
Reliability is about your actions, and how dependable you appear.
Intimacy is about how safe people feel sharing with you.
Self-orientation refers to who you’re focused on—yourself, or others.

The first three build trustworthiness
Self-orientation lowers it. So you add the first three and divide by self-orientation to find your trustworthiness.

The understated factors in this equation are communications and civility
The lack of communication or poorly written and spoken communication, reduces your trustworthiness. This is why you hear people talking about transparency. I wrote about this in November, in part… Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, spoke about leadership and power. She talked about business leaders needing to agree to transparency, of being accountable to not only shareholders but customers, employees and suppliers…..(I added) People will put their heart and soul into projects when they understand how their work fits into overall goals, when they feel their opinions are valued, when they are part of the building process, when they know what others are doing. That is transparency.

Civility shows in your sensitivity to others, trying to think how others will interpret your words and actions. That’s what I’d emphasize more in this equation.

What is your trust quotient?
The site offers a 20 question quiz you can take and provides suggestions for improvement. I took it and was struck by how I’d rate myself vs. how others would rate me. Give it a try and see what you think.

The trust quiz is at http://trustedadvisor.com/trustInstitute.trustQuotient/


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Thanks for the comments, and nice job summarizing the trust quotient.
Do tell more about the differences you saw between how you'd rate yourself and how others would rate you?
And check back later in the summer; you'll see a section on Trust Temperaments, different preferred personal styles toward becoming trusted, and how you can understand your own and others.
Charles H. Green
Trusted Advisor Associates