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Communication is supremely important in tough times

Fear of the unknown is a big fear. People are fearful that a pink slip is coming their way. Or that their organization’s next income and expense statement will be further out of line with the budget. Fears go on and on as far as the imagination stretches. Those fears create stress in individual lives and in the workplace.

My favorite point in an article ‘Manners matter even more in hard times’ in USA Weekend, June 19-21 issue, is “Communicate often”. Authors Peggy Post and P.M. Forni write “Nothing dispels anxiety in the workplace like the flow of candid information.” I think we’d all add: Nothing increases angst like the lack of communication. When there is no communication, gossip and speculation prevail. Productivity declines because people are under stress from all their fears.

Read ‘Manners matter even more in hard times’ which has these points
• Evaluate your behavior and anticipate the likelihood of rudeness.
• Don’t let money woes mess up your relationships.
• Watch out for others who may not be coping well.
• Be a prophet of boom, not doom.
• Make time to reassure others.
• Communicate often.


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