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Will you stay in touch with those who leave the workplace?

Or in your former workplace if you’re the one who leaves?

Friends are a hot topic in Ames
Last Thursday evening, Jeffrey Zaslow talked about writing ‘The Girls from Ames’, a story of 10 women who graduated from Ames High School in 1981 and although scattered across the country, remain close friends. The women were present and offered glimpses into their friendship. They talked about supporting one another through cancer and how some of the proceeds from the book will go to a new AHS scholarship to remember their eleventh friend who died in her 20s.

Zaslow said he writes about matters of the heart. (He wrote ‘The Last Lecture’ with Randy Pausch.) The book about the Ames friends had been out only a day or two. He said the initial reactions were the book reminded people of their own friends.

Think about your workplace friends through the years
Do you stay in touch?
Frequently or infrequently?
It seems to me we instinctively sort out those we really connect with and those we don’t in any separation of people who work together.

Friendships are important
One of the reasons for incivility is our isolation from others. The not knowing the people next door syndrome, the lack of meaningful friendships.

I encourage you to keep up the friendships that are severed when you no longer work together. Not only will it help with civility, it’s also good for your health. See Friendships: Enrich your life and improve your health from the Mayo Clinic.

And now it’s time to post comments about your former coworkers who are still friends.


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