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Observing rest notes in life

We rush. We obsess. We seek perfection. We wear down. We need to be in contact via technology. The busyness of life encompasses us and often makes us less observant, less tolerant and less respectful.

Be still and silent.
Lose yourself even for a few moments to observe a sunrise, a sunset, a snow, the rain. Listen. Breathe deeply. I’m part way through reading ‘Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going’ by David Kundtz and he is making me think about this.

Several occurrences told me this was the post I should write this week. The days have more light. Each day is a celebration that spring is getting closer for those of us in the snowy parts of the Northern hemisphere.

On Sunday I advised a friend to take the day off. I participated in a discussion group about spirituality that evolved into talking about stopping and appreciating the generosities we have. I’d been trying to write a different post…in fact, been trying for more than a week. And then it occurred to me it wasn’t time for that post.

So take a deep breathe with me. Practice stopping and expressing gratitude each day. Respect and give thanks for the earth, for the people we love and those who try our patience. Think about your values. It can contribute to civility in the workplace. I’ll write more about the book some day. Just let me tell you Kundtz writes about three kinds of stopping: stillpoints, stopovers and grinding halts.

I’m taking off this week for Panama to visit my daughter and son-in-law who are Peace Corps volunteers there. It’s a stopover. There’ll be no post on this blog next week and just maybe the one I’ve struggled with will come easier when I return. I’ll be observing some rest notes in life. I encourage you to do the same, to plan rests whether for five minutes or eight days as I’m doing.


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In my 28 years of Extension work I have never taken a week off during the winter. I did 2 weeks ago---went to Jamaica. It was a busy time of the year with volunteer taxes, etc but I did it anyway. Even though I returned to a hectic work schedule not a day has gone by that I don't fondly remember the daily gathering with friends on the beach at 6 p.m. to watch the sunset.

I love the concept of "rest notes." It's a practice I've always embraced and now I have a title for it. I just returned to work today after a 10 day "stopover." My husband and I did a driving trip south to Missouri and Arkansas. No itinerary - no reservations - no schedules. We just decided day by day, hour by hour, what we wanted to do. It was a great way to enjoy time together.