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April Fool's in the workplace—at a stressful time

Humor may be one of our best antidotes to stressful situations, writes David S. Sobel M.D. in Good Humor, Good Health. Some of his advice includes try humor instead of anger and use humor to handle anxiety.

So here we are at a day before April Fool’s Day, a time of good hearted pranks, hoaxes and giggles according to AprilFools.com. People are apprehensive about their jobs and the economy.

Laughter is a remedy, something that can bring back some civility in the workplace. Will others believe April Fool's jokes are valid news? Don’t those who originated the pranks don't have any 'real' work to do?

I think humor is an important part of our real work if it helps us join with others to relieve stress and tension with a hearty, sidesplitting belly laugh. Here are two videos to start you down the road to laughter.

Happy April Fool’s Day a day early.

Sleep Better, Save More http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPCCe3xK0QI (2:29)

Try this file in realPlayer: Portapotty.wmv

Thanks to Dennis Hinkamp and my sister for sending laughter my way.


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