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What’s there to love in the workplace?

I’ll start and then you chime in. That is something I would love.

1. Collaboration, involvement, engagement.
2. Equipment and processes to work with efficiency.
3. Stimulation in the form of new challenges, new ideas.
4. Meaningful and civil discussions whether in person or via phone, email.
5. A learning environment in which people are eager to learn.
6. Humble people who ask, What do you think?
7. Communication.
8. Humor.
9. Respect for one another.
10. ________________
11. ________________
12. ________________
13. ________________
14. ________________

Humor me. Add some comments. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and this is my love angle.


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Friends sharing good chocolate!

Teaching/learning environments where teachers learn and learners teach.

Peer support.

Knowing that you have made a positive difference

Having a job where I have the opportunity to be creative and use my skills/talents.

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