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9 Email Resolutions for 2009

Civility, responsibility and professionalism in emails
1. I resolve to send fewer emails. I will opt to talk to people rather than automatically revert to an email. Calling someone or visiting in person enhances communication…and often saves time.
2. I will be concise, editing out the unnecessary. My emails will be examples of good communication.
3. I will not send nor answer unnecessary emails. For example, an email refers to an earlier email which I didn’t read. I’ll find it rather than bother the sender for information I have. I also will not answer such emails. I may call or go visit the person but I’m not going to answer via email to perpetuate this habit.
4. I will acknowledge receipt of information when I don’t have time or the information to answer immediately.
5. I will not contribute to those email conversations that are unnecessary one or two liners.
6. I will note who received the email so I don’t forward an email on to someone who already received it.
7. I will note when I’m on the copy line rather than the ‘to’ line. That typically means it’s for my information and I’m not expected to respond.
8. I will gauge the tone of my emails by reading them from the receiver’s perspective before I send.
9. I will send work emails on my work account; personal emails on my personal accounts.

After I wrote this, I wondered what others resolved about email messages. This one is good---take a look:
An Associate Professor of Religion at Indiana Wesleyan University posted
Ten New Year’s Resolutions we ought to make about Email

What email resolutions would you add?


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