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What would you write in your holiday letter from the workplace?

If you followed the formula of first you write about the family and then you write a bit about the individual members, what would your letter say?

In 2008 my workplace
Discovered some new processes, added some products
Went on vacation (retreats, conferences)
Added new family members, lost some family members

Whom could you brag about? This coworker got an award, this coworker finished a large project.

And you particularly enjoyed……..what?

It just might be an exercise in civility.
Very few holiday letters share the day to day drudgery of the past year. So as we wind down this calendar year, perhaps it’s time to write that mental letter of what was good about the workplace this year, commend those who have done good work and list what we are proud to say we’ve accomplished.

It also could be a time to start thinking about the upcoming year in which we’re all probably concerned about our livelihoods. What do we want to accomplish that we can write about in the 2009 letter? How will we contribute to our company or organization?

Lots of questions. What are your answers?


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