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How social media = civility

The hallmark of social media or Web 2.0 tools is inviting participation and conversation.

Monologue gives way to dialog
Instead of putting out information to educate, it’s blogs, YouTube, social bookmarking sites --- tools that invite comments and questions. It’s listening to the problems, challenges and ideas of citizens so organizations know where to focus their efforts.

PR 2.0 written by Brian Solis on the Future of Communications – A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing says “The best companies will let go of their message and control of gatekeeping in social realms and trust it with their employees to carry forward. We need leaders. We need champions. Community managers keep the company ear to the ground to determine where the conversations are taking place and where they should participate. They are the front lines of listening and engaging in conversations across the Web.”

“Social media is about speaking with, not “to” or “at” people.”
Messages do not = conversations. Social media is interest in relationships. It’s about helping customers succeed in their businesses and improving their personal lives more than about your company or organization.

It’s a matter of civility, respect for others, listening, cultivating relationships. Getting information about your organization out to the public doesn’t happen just when the marketing, public relations and communications people send out messages. All people in the organization are ambassadors.

PR 2.0: The Future of Communication Starts Here, blog by Brian Solis
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