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A transparent meeting vs. an opaque meeting invitation

A transparent meeting invitation would have
An agenda or stated purpose so you could arrive prepared
A list of those invited if not a routine meeting
Relevant documents or information

With an opaque meeting invitation, you would have
A vague or no notion of the purpose of the meeting
Perhaps not know who was invited

Interestingly enough, people with both types of invitations could be at the same meeting. Some know what the meeting is really about, some don’t until the meeting is underway a time.

My experiences with opaque meeting invitations are often – surprise – you’re under attack individually or as a member of a group. Uncivil…cowardly…and heavy-handed.

Transparency includes good communication, sharing information, honesty and the desire to tap the value each person can bring to work.

I really like the topic of transparency. Do you have suggestions or questions to continue the topic of transparency?


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