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Illinois study finds high school social skills predictor of better earnings

The skill of getting along well with others
A new study out from the University of Illinois finds that social skills and behaviors such as conscientiousness, cooperativeness and motivation need to accompany traditional academic learning for success in the workplace.

The researcher studied the success of high school students 10 years after graduation. Employers stressed in their response surveys there’s a need for workers who can get along well with each other and get along well with the public. The study points out how schools need to help students improve their social skills and behaviors in addition to traditional academics.

If you’ve had a surly person wait on you at a fast-food restaurant or a client who implies she knows far more about your field (and it’s not her specialty) than you do……….then you’ll not find the results of this study surprising.

The researcher applied many controls including race, family socioeconomic status and educational attainment after high school. I find the results after applying those controls more surprising. News release on the study:
Ten Years On, High-School Social Skills Predict Better Earnings than Test Scores
Published Oct. 15, 2008

How we respect and treat one another, civility, does impact success in the workplace.


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